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Manchester UK premiere for superhero musical

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Lizard Boy at Seattle Rep. Pic: Alabastro Photography
Lizard Boy at Seattle Rep. Pic: Alabastro Photography

Lizard Boy, an indie rock musical from the US, makes its UK debut at Hope Mill Theatre in Manchester from July 14-27, before a season at the Edinburgh Fringe (August 5-28).

Author, composer and the show's star, Justin Huertas, said: “Lizard Boy was conceived when I was commissioned to write a small, simple solo show for Seattle Rep. Many years later – inspired by my love of comic book superheroes – it has grown into the musical it is today.

"At their core, superhero stories are about transformation, identity, and difference – so the genre was a natural fit for me as a theatre-maker and as a person of colour. I set out to create a piece that is authentic to who I am as both. I hope, with their empathy and imagination as a guide, audiences will embrace it and celebrate its message: what makes you different makes you powerful."

The show tells the story of Trevor, who was drenched head to toe in dragon’s blood in a bizarre childhood accident.

Growing green and scaly skin, he withdrew from the world but 20 years later, Trevor's first date with a cute guy transforms into an adventure of mythic proportions.

The UK cast features Anthony Rickman as Trevor, Alan Cammish as Cary and Sophie Reid as Siren – who are playing alternate nights alongside the original US cast of Huertas, Kirsten “Kiki” DeLohr Helland and William A Williams.

More details and tickets here


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