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Masquerade unmasked again

A new production of Masquerade, which tells a powerful and emotional tale set in an iconic Liverpool gay club of the 1980s, comes to the city’s Epstein Theatre this autumn.

Following a successful run at Liverpool's Royal Court Studio in 2019, Laura Lees's play returns in a reimagined staging with Liverpool’s queer history at its heart.

Masquerade will run at the Epstein from November 22-26. Tickets are on sale now.

The new production includes additional material by Tom Lloyd, and tells a fictional story set around the now-demolished Cases Street venue affectionately known as "The Mazzie", frequented at the time by the likes of Holly Johnson, Paul O’Grady, Paul Rutherford, and Margi Clarke.

Laura Lees said: “I was aware my uncle Mark had been a DJ in the club and he gave me an insight into The Masquerade. I instantly fell in love with its story and wanted to know everything there was to know about it. Most people were happy to reminisce because it was such a wonderful time in their lives. But it was equally bittersweet, because it was when Aids was hitting the gay community.

“I want to take audiences through an uplifting story that will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced the excitement and terror of a first love. Everyone has a right to love and happiness, and you only get one chance to be true.

“Working with Tom Lloyd has been priceless. It feels like I am looking at the script for the first time as he has given me a fresh perspective and new ideas.”

Producer Bill Elms added: “Even though the play was originally staged before television series It’s a Sin, but anyone who loved that programme will love Masquerade.”

More info and tickets here


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