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Mind-boggling adventures by the lake

Hair-raising, spine-chilling lakeside adventures are promised from a new partnership between Keswick’s Theatre By The Lake and folklore company Obscura Theatre.

The first tale in a planned series is the free All the Boggles of Derwentwater (October 16-31), a self-guided headphone experience that takes listeners on a supernatural journey through the dramatic local surroundings. The walk can be undertaken anytime and can be paused; in one go the experience takes around an hour.

A lone wanderer entertains her listener with unearthly stories of the lake, but in so doing conjures a spectral presence she didn't mean to awaken…

The series will eventually feature a number of interweaving audio tales, combining innovative sound design with storytelling, each rehearsed and recorded outdoors in site-specific locations. All will be local folk-tale adaptations.

Audience members will need a smartphone to download the audio and map, and headphones to hear the text. Book in advance to get access to the downloadable sound file and map.

Audiences are encouraged to take friends and family on the walk, but are also encouraged to experience the walk on their own – keeping apart from other members of the group.

The route is wheelchair and pram accessible, but may cover some uneven ground depending on the weather. Some unsettling themes are involved, so the event is suitable for ages 12 and up.

Book in advance here


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