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Moor Space for the Dukes

The Dukes Lancaster's Moor Space theatre
The Dukes Lancaster's Moor Space theatre

The Dukes Theatre Lancaster is relaunching its 100-seater, renovated former church theatre to showcase the best of fringe shows and emerging talent.

The aptly-named Moor Space – a stone's throw from the main house on Moor Lane – has been used as an extension of the Dukes since renovation in 1995, largely as a youth theatre and talent development hub.

As the space is now repurposed, Dukes' producer Porl Cooper said: “The shows here are all going to be relevant to our fast paced, 21st-Century lives. It could be something direct from the Edinburgh Fringe, or fresh from other UK or international festivals with four and five-star reviews. Or you might be invited to an exclusive sharing of a new show at a very early stage, as Moor Space is also placing itself as an artist-led creation hub, where theatre-makers can take residency as they develop new projects.

“It’s small-scale work exploring huge ideas and tackling big subject matter; small-scale work that requires the intimacy of a close-up crowd, work that relies on a strong connection between performers and audiences.”

Already in the new season Angel (September 29) – the true story of the female sniper who left members of ISIS shaking with fear; Joshua (& Me) (October 6) – the world of someone with autism and the relationship with their siblings; The MP, Aunty Mandy and Me (October 21) - a young gay man has fallen for his local politician, who offers him a life he had only dreamt of; Female Gothic (November 4-5) - which celebrates the dark and gripping imagination of Victorian female authors, and Learning To Fly (November 9) – a true story of a young man who befriends the old lady who lives in the scary house at the end of the street.

More information on the theatres here


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