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Murder mystery alternative to that song contest

Liverpool-based 4AM Productions is at the city's Hope Street Theatre (May 11-13) with Murder At Cadberry Manor, an alternative entertainment to the Eurovision shindig just down the road.

Sir Toby LeRone calls a gala dinner for all manner of guests at his impressive Cadberry Manor, but when a disturbing murder occurs, Detective Harry Bo is called in to get to the bottom of things. Who did it? Was it the butler again? Are you ready to solve the case?

4AM was founded three years ago by Sab Muthusamy and Rachel Szaruta, two best friends who met at university and determined to promote "diversity and challenge outdated beliefs" in the performance sector and to give platforms to people of all experience levels. An adaptation of Robert Scott's psychological thriller, The House Amongst The Willows at Hope Street Theatre last year gathered four-star reviews from the nationals.

Sab said: "When looking at what to do next I realised an entertaining show was paramount, which is why I went for Murder at Cadberry Manor. It has all the familiar tropes of a murder mystery but plenty of intrigue too. There will also be new elements some audiences may not have seen before."

Sab adds: "It's a large cast – of 15 – all with varying levels of experience. For some this is their first professional production. But the best part is the diversity - strong female leads, actors from multiple ethnic backgrounds and LGBTQ representation."

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