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Not fading away but developing, with The Lowry

Updated: 5 days ago

Poster for FADE at The Lowry

Developed with integrated creative access at its heart, FADE, by Manchester-based, visually impaired and neurodivergent actor, writer and creative-access director Alice Christina-Corrigan, premieres at The Lowry in Salford on April 4-5.

Created by a disabled-led team, and part of The Lowry's Developed With initiative, Alice has focused on disability representation through all elements of the production.

Following the sudden death of their mother, estranged siblings Cassie and Rubin are reunited. As they begin packing up furniture and keepsakes, they start unpacking their life and relationships.

Alice said: "FADE is about the role our siblings play in moulding our lives. It's a harrowing tale of how one decision can alter the trajectory of that relationship forever."

Antonia Beck, a senior producer at The Lowry, said: "It has been such a joy to work with Alice over the past 18 months. We have been delighted to provide a sustained level of support which has enabled her to take this significant next step in her career. Alice really is a powerhouse, pioneering an innovative, accessible, and vital approach to making live performance. We are really proud of what she has achieved."

Formed in 2009, Developed With is The Lowry’s flagship artist development programme for early to mid-career artists establishing their creative identity and looking for time and support to take a significant step forward in their work.  

Funded by Arts Council England and Salford City Council, the program offers support for artists over 12-18 months to create ambitious, high-quality work and develop their expert.

FADE is also at Leeds Playhouse April 25-27.

More info and tickets here


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