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Our Julie's written another book

Main pic: James Melia
Main pic: James Melia

Accrington's finest Julie Hesmondhalgh sees her second book hit the shelves on November 17, and if you would like to pick up a copy and hear her speak about it, there's a special launch event at Manchester's Contact Theatre that evening.

An Actor's Alphabet – subtitled An A to Z of Some Stuff I’ve Learnt and Some Stuff I’m Still Learning, is a typically forthright A-Z of being an actor, aimed primarily at student actors, drawing on her long experience on stage and screen – including the role that made her a national celebrity in more ways than one, Hayley in Coronation Street. She lifts the lid on the realities of life in today's industry, and shows how to navigate them.

There's practical advice on preparing for roles, managing the roller-coaster of feast and famine that is a typical acting career, and much more, including how to stay sane in an industry not renowned for its level-headedness.

Passionate about her subject, Julie makes a case for the importance of the arts to society but doesn't hesitate to criticise the industry on its shortcomings.

Julie's new work continues the educational interest in theatre training developed in her first book, Julie Hesmondhalgh: A Working Diary, published in 2019, which followed her work in 2016 – from developing her company Take Back and working on Broadchurch for ITV to starring in accclaimed play Wit at Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre, and offered her experiences in working in film and TV and the stresses and strains on the industry of political and social upheavals.

More info and launch tickets here


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