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Promising journey from grief to hope

The premiere of Tomorrow Is Not Promised, a story of a woman’s journey through grief to hope, is at The Lowry later this month (February 18-19, and you can also see it live-streamed on the afternoon of the 19th).

Written and directed by Tian Glasgow, the show incorporates movement and live music in a story about a black female protagonist, who following an earthquake wakes to find herself homeless and alone. While deciding whether to rebuild or start again, she meets Suzanne, who has suffered her own loss. The two start a journey to help others, in the hope of healing themselves.

Producers New Slang (with The Lowry) will hold a "Grief Gathering" alongside the performances. Tian explained: “We are very conscious of the themes of grief, loss and change presented in Tomorrow Is Not Promised – plus our experiences of the past few years can be very close to the surface. We would like to offer a calm and held space for audience members to connect with others and talk about anything pertaining to their own experiences of grief.”

Tomorrow Is Not Promised is part of The Lowry’s Developed With artist-development programme.

Tickets and info here


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