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Rambert launches Death Trap tour in York

A scene from Rambert's Death Trap
Rambert's "Cerberus" - one of the two items in the Death Trap tour in York and Salford

Leading UK contemporary dance company Rambert launches its Death Trap tour at York Theatre Royal (October 3-4) – the company's first appearance at the theatre in 33 years.

Rambert first toured to YTR in 1951 and for almost 40 years was a regular visitor to the city. The company's last visit was in 1990, but now Rambert's back – with a double bill of pieces by British choreographer Ben Duke.

Bringing together Goat (2017) and Cerberus (2022), Death Trap continues Rambert’s focus on storytelling and characters,

Cerberus, is an adaptation of the Greek tale of Orpheus and Eurydice, a musing on myth and mortality, complete with funeral couture. Goat, which features a live singer on stage, is inspired by the spirit and music of iconic black singer Nina Simone and features some of her songs, including Feelings, Feeling Good and Ain’t Got No / I Got Life.

Helen Shute, who is Rambert's CEO and executive producer, said: "We’re thrilled to be taking Rambert back on the road from October and Death Trap, in collaboration with Ben Duke, is a great opportunity to connect with new and returning audiences."

Duke said: "I first worked with Rambert in 2017, and while I and the company have changed a lot since then, I think this history gives me a sense of partnership. The work I make is always inspired by, and made with, the performers and they bring such a richness of experience into the space, It is their talent and generosity that really make this work." 

Death Trap also tours to The Lowry in Salford next year (April 18-20).

More info here, Click York or Salford for ticket links


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