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Ride the machine for the Legend of Ned Ludd

Poster for Liverpool Everyman show The Legend of Ned Ludd

The premiere of The Legend of Ned Ludd (April 20-May11) - the first of three homegrown productions celebrating Liverpool Everyman's 60th year - takes audiences on a whirlwind global commute, exploring scenes from different moments in history and locations worldwide. From the Luddites' protest in the nineteenth century to contemporary stories in London, Liverpool, Lagos, and beyond, the play looks at the impact of capitalism and globalisation on working people.

The show's "Machine" will randomly select 15 scenes - from a possible prepared 256 scenes - to be performed live each night, offering an unpredictable experience every time, something the Everyman has been known for in its proud 60-year history.

Writer Joe Ward Munrow explains: “It’s a play about people, work and automation. It explores what happens when machines make decisions rather than humans. As we wrestle with the impact of AI and algorithms on our lives, I wanted to look at how this has been a timeless question. I’m hoping it will be an entertaining reflection on the history of work, class, and the impact of technology on our lives.”

An award-winning playwright based in Liverpool,  Munrow is a graduate of the Everyman's playwrights programme. Previous works include Blue (Gate Theatre, London), The Busker (BBC Radio 4), Hercules and Phoebe (National Theatre) and Live News (Royal Court, London), and he currently lectures in scriptwriting at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The cast includes Reuben Johnson an award-winning writer and spoken word artist, Menyee Lai, who has many stage and TV credits, and Liverpool actor Shaun Mason, a graduate of the Everyman’s youth theatre

Directed by Jude Christian, The Legend of Ned Ludd is the first of three home-grown productions (the others are Tasha Dowd's Tell Me How it Ends in June and Martin McDonagh's black comedy The Lieutenent of Inishmore in September) marking the Everyman’s 60th year, with a special £60 deal to see all three shows.

More info and tickets here


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