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Salford musical with a mission Innit

Innit, the Musical – "a true tale of hope and redemption in a murky world"
Innit, the Musical – "a true tale of hope and redemption in a murky world"

With a cast of North West-based actors – some with professional experience and some making their professional debut – new musical Innit (The Lowry, Salford, September 13-23) delivers a raw story of Salford back streets, working-class life, dysfunctional families, teenage antagonists and decisions faced at forks in the road.

Produced by Salford-based young people's charity I4YPC, Innit the Musical is written and directed by Micky Dacks (Needles and Pins, Wired, Coronation Street), who says: "Innit is more than a musical to us; the messages it contains, whether they’re literal or symbolic, could play a pivotal role in someone’s life.

"If we can encourage at least one audience member to make a different decision in their life, or encourage them to express themselves through the arts, we’ve achieved our goal.

“The cast and crew of Innit embody everything theatre and the arts should be about – inclusivity and opportunity. We hope everyone enjoys this modern-day, working-class story, presented in a fresh and engaging way.”

The show is based on the poignant real-life experiences of author-director Micky and his childhood, and features original songs spanning ska to pop, hip-hop to rock and roll.

It relates the story of Ashley, an 18-year-old boy who falls in love and finds redemption from his troubled past through music.

Matthew Eames, co-head of theatres at The Lowry, said: “Innit is an inspiring musical, written and performed from the heart, with an exciting cast we have no doubt we’ll see more of in the future. It’s a performance with purpose that we can all get behind.”

All 14YPC's share of the proceeds from tickets will go towards enabling marginalised young people across Salford and beyond get into matinee performances free.

And in keeping with the charity’s mission to provide opportunities in the arts to young people, this production has offered first professional opportunities to several young creatives. First time actor Will Bours takes the lead role of Ashley – and audiences could be watching a real name to look out for in future.

More info and tickets here


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