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Socking it to 'em

The regional premiere tour of knockout boxing saga Sucker Punch arrives at The Lowry in Salford from May 2-6.

By leading British playwright Roy Williams and transforming the stage into a boxing ring, the play was first seen in London in 2010, where it was nominated for various awards.

Exploring being young and black in the 80s, the play follows two best mates, Leon and Troy, who have spent their youth growing up in a boxing gym, figuring out a place in the world and vying for the approval of Charlie, their trainer. But there can be only one winner – and it’s time everyone stepped into the ring to face up to who they really are…

Sucker Punch won the Alfred Fagon Award, The Writers Guild award for best play and was even nominated for an Olivier for best new play after first opening in a sell-out production at London’s Royal Court, where it launched BAFTA and Academy Award winner Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out, Black Panther) on to the international stage.

The new production is a collaboration between a network of UK theatres and the National Theatre.

Director Nathan Powell said, “It’s such a brilliant piece. I think Roy is amazing at telling really detailed, intricate, vast stories for everyone in the audience. I’m really excited to take this piece of work on tour.

I hope audiences will have interesting conversations with the people they came with about what it means to be Black in Britain. I don’t want to answer questions, I just want to encourage talking. That’s all I can ask for and that’s all I hope for.”

More info and tickets here


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