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Tag team writers get a grip

Why is tag team writing like tag team wrestling? Because they both have to keep a grip on things.

This was the challenge for nine writers in a Make it Write drama workshop, who handed a sort of baton of words from one writer to the next to give an overall uplifting look to the theme: "a park through the seasons and the people who go there".

The result is a sideways view of life, love, loss and longing in Park Life, at the Casa Theatre Bar in Hope Street, Liverpool on October 4-5, part of the Liverpool Fringe Festival.

As well as the plants growing in their glory there are the vandals who have blossomed into responsible parents; and what stories of romance and dreams could that battered old park bench tell, if it could talk?

Make it Write Productions is a Liverpool-based group dedicated to fostering new writing throughout the North West. Producer Sharon Colpman said: “The show was originally staged in May and featured some of our best writers. We've brought everyone back as they are such a great team".

More info and tickets here


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