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Taking the divorce vitamin

Exploring divorce in British South Asian culture through the lens of an all female cast, first time playwright Saher Shah's Vitamin D, tours to Bolton Octagon this weekend (March 10-11) and The Edge, Manchester (March 17).

Having moved back in with her parents in suburban North West London after her divorce, Larki is facing friends, family, aunties, "besties", and the epic decision between eating one luscious south asian dessert and another. She’s searching for something. She just hasn't quite figured out what yet.

Author Shah said: “The topic of divorce is still very much a taboo in South Asian culture, it's framed as a failure on their women’s part, something bad that we should avoid.

“Divorce for most people means that you’re now free from a marriage that wasn’t good for you… so what if we saw divorce as something positive rather than a failure, what if it was seen as a vitamin we didn't know was needed?”

Director Melina Namdar said: “Vitamin D is the perfect combination of comedy and drama. It tackles the very real issues South Asian women face in the UK today but still allows for levity and laughter."

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