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Tall Tales is boxed in

Image for the Tall Tales company's production of new play Boxed In

Forged in the pubs of central Manchester, theatre collective Tall Tales is at the King's Arms, Salford (November 13-15) with Boxed In, a new comedy.

Writer George Unitt said: "We're aiming to make theatre accessible and funny for the average Joe and the theatre aficionado alike, trying to stop it seeming off-putting or high-brow, but still telling original, comical, emotional and well-told stories."

Somewhere in south Manchester, a couple move into a new flat and as they unpack the cardboard boxes the play explores the mishaps and idiosyncrasies of their friendships.

George adds: "All the actors are working class, we've got an actress who's been in Emmerdale and half the staff at the Peveril of the Peak [a famous Manchester pub] are among the cast and crew, me as writer included. The soundtrack is entirely made up of up-and-coming local bands – with the exception of Peters & Lee.

"I work at the Pev; we all met at the Pev, and most of the cast are regulars or staff. Our costumes are by a textiles artist and we've got some props and set design by a few other artists – also Pev regulars!

"Three of our cast members are acting graduates, most are just mates we recruited. We did a show a few months ago, also written by me, which sold out. We're at the King's Arms because the back room of the Pev is too small, unfortunately. We've got a bit of a buzz going."

Info and tickets here


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