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The Enormous Crocodile premiere

Poster for Leeds Playhouse Chrismas show for children,  The Enormous Crocodile

Featuring a cast of 20 puppets, as well as a few humans, Roald Dahl's The Enormous Crocodile premieres to brave young audiences at Leeds Playhouse this Christmas (December2-January 6).

Developed and directed by award-winning Emily Lim, the first-ever dramatisation of Dahl's story features a menagerie of mischievous puppets, while Elliotte Williams-N'Dure stars as the hungry crocodile, searching for a delicious child to snap up for dinner!  

Emily Lim said: “We can't wait to start work on all the brilliant songs, scenes and dances – and, most importantly, to figure out exactly how the Enormous Crocodile is going to get sizzled up like a sausage!”     

Co-director and puppetry designer Toby Olie said: “The cast of twenty puppets has taken myself and a team of 10 puppet-makers over three months to create.”   

The Enormous Crocodile will run alongside musical Oliver! as part of Leeds Playhouse's fun festive season for families and will transfer to Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre for its 2024 summer season

The show is suitable for ages four and above and runs for 50 minutes without an interval.

Our pictures below, by Ellie Kurttz, show puppeteers in co-director and puppet master Toby Olie's studio, hard at work on the animals in the show.

More info and tickets here


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