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The Lowry goes back online

An image from A Dangerous Thing, Proto Type Theatre's contribution to Lowry Digital
An image from A Dangerous Thing, Proto Type Theatre's contribution to the new Lowry Digital platfom

Marking the two-year anniversary of the venue’s enforced closure during the pandemic, The Lowry Theatre in Salford has launched The Empty Auditorium.

The series is a season of exclusive online performances created by international artists and available for a limited run from March 16-27 here.

The programme features work from the period when artists could work once again in buildings, but not to an audience. Their creations often look out into the empty auditoria, giving viewers an experience normally reserved for the performer.

The season launches Lowry Digital, the theatre’s new long-term response to the need for digital work to co-exist with live performance. It will present a variety of performances, exhibitions, films and experiences online.

The Lowry's head of theatres, Matthew Eames, said: “Throughout the initial lockdown we worked hard to maintain a positive connection to audiences with our #LoveLowry channel.

“We realised that for some artists and audiences the online world was an arts space in its own right - just as important and significant as our theatres and galleries.

“So we are really excited to launch Lowry Digital as a purpose-built online platform. It's our commitment to artists who want to make work digitally, and to audiences and visitors who may not feel able to return to arts buildings.”


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