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The Time Machine appears in several places at once...

Poster for Original Theatre's The Time Machine

Original Theatre is currently streaming to over 50 countries, including America, India, Canada and Australia – and is on stage in Leeds from tomorrow (April 2-6).

The company completely ignores the space-time paradox to stream a recording of its 2023 production of H G Wells' The Time Machine at the same time it is touring its current cast to Leeds Playhouse and other venues.

The comedy version of the famous - and not at all funny - original was nominated for an Olivier award (though admittedly only for Outstanding Achievement in Affiliate Theatre, one of the top awards probably), and shares a style in common with The Goes Wrong Show - indeed, Time Machine cast member Dave Hearn was in last year's Goes Wrong Show. He appears here alongside Michael Dylan, George Kemp and Amy Revelle.

Good fun, and not a scrap of real science anywhere in the script...

More info and tickets (and streaming rentals) here


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