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Tik Tok Ella Grey

Grace Long - Pilot's Ella Grey
Grace Long - Pilot's Ella Grey

Actress, writer and - to her 729,000 followers - celebrated Tik Tok creator Grace Long, takes the title role in York-based Pilot Theatre's stage premiere of the David Almond novel A Song For Ella Grey.

In association with York Theatre Royal and Northern Stage, Zoe Cooper’s adaptation of this contemporary retelling of the Orpheus myth, is at the Northern Stage, Newcastle (February 1-15), York Theatre Royal (February 20-24), Hull Truck Theatre (March 5-9) and Liverpool

Playhouse (March 13-16).

Olivia Onyehara - plays Ella's friend Claire
Olivia Onyehara - plays Ella's friend Claire

Claire and her best friend Ella are ordinary kids from ordinary families in an ordinary world. They and their friends fall in and out of love, play music and dance, stare at the stars, yearn for excitement, and have parties on the beautiful beaches of Northumberland. One day a stranger, a musician named Orpheus, appears on the beach and entrances them all, but particularly Ella...

Almond, one of the most prolific and acclaimed writers of novels for children and young adults, said: “'A Song for Ella Grey' is so close to my heart. The novel itself came with great force, demanding to be told. "It’s my version of the great Orpheus myth, which has been told many times in many forms and will be told for ever more.

“This version takes place in ordinary north-eastern streets, on wild north-eastern beaches, among ordinary north-eastern teenagers; Ella and her friends are drawn rapidly into an ancient tale of love and death.”

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