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What He Said... about men's mental health

Liverpool's Theatre at the Casa in Hope Street plays host this month (July 29-30) to the second show produced by Liverpool company Pique Niche Productions

Under the title What He Said, the show features four short plays from North West writers on different aspects of men's mental health.

Pique Niche Productions supports new writing from the north, particularly work about disability and mental health. Artistic director Donna M Day said, “What He Said came about after I was asked to direct Ian Gray’s Twister for another company, which didn't in the end appear.

"Gray’s unique look at the effects of post traumatic stress disorder affecting soldiers and other people touched by war, made me want to explore the male experience of mental health further.”

The four plays are: Both Parents Matter by Mark Davoren, in which four fathers meet at a support group and discuss the ups and downs of custody battles and their attempts to maintain a relationship with their families; Twister by Ian Gray, which examines the devastation visited on people left behind by war; Now or Never by Donna M Day, about the support offered by a friend when his pal needs it most, and Pillow Talk by Ste Mc, a monologue about the role of men and mental health in today’s world.

Tickets and info here


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