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Wizard of Oz open auditions in Chester

High-energy fun for local actors. From last year's Grosvenor Park shows
High-energy fun for local actors. From last year's Grosvenor Park shows

Chester's Storyhouse arts centre is holding open auditions for a promenade production of The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz. Auditions are April 19-20, and the show runs at Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre from July 27-August 22.

The producers  are looking for two female actors and a male actor to join a company of five. Roles up for grabs include witch Glinda, Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion. Applicants must be comfortable performing outdoors in all weather conditions, should possess robust acapella singing abilities and exude high energy levels. A talent for captivating storytelling tailored for young audiences and genuine enjoyment of interacting with children are essential .

With up to four 45-minute shows per day, stamina is key and applicants must live within 20 miles of Chester to ensure accessibility to rehearsals and performances.

Helen Redcliffe, head of producing at Storyhouse, said: "We've introduced open auditions to engage with a wider pool of local actors. We want to offer opportunities to talented actors in our community who may lack representation. By offering open auditions, we create a platform on which local talent can shine."

Auditions will take place at Studio by Storyhouse on Northgate Street, where each participant will have a 15-minute slot.

Interested actors must submit an email application, with a completed application form, by April 10.

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