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Z-Arts new library and family escape room

Manchester Z-arts' new season brings the many wonders of Mother Nature to the stage – plus two major announcements.

A packed September-December programme for children aged 0-11 is on offer at Manchester’s arts venue and theatre for young people, including a theatre premiere, the return of a Christmas legend and a zombie workshop.

The autumn also sees the launch of a children’s library, designed to meet the reading needs of children from birth through to teens, and a family escape room for ages 8 and above.

Z-arts' CEO Liz O’Neill said: “This autumn, we are celebrating Mother Nature in all her forms. Our specially-selected shows for children of all ages take place across magical snowscapes, woodlands teeming with life, cosy caves and the bountiful garden of a green-fingered grandfather (in Woodland Tales with Granddad, November 6), which features a cast of extraordinary puppets and offers laughs and an important environmental message.

“We are also very excited to announce that Z-arts is soon to be home to a new children’s library from this autumn, which will be home to thousands of books and a year-round programme of family events."

Also arriving before Christmas will be a new family "escape room", in which storytelling, adventuring and problem-solving create a new kind of quest for inquisitive local families.

More information and bookings here.

Z-arts is in Stretford Road, Hulme, Manchester M15 5ZA


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