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Connecting at the Everyman

Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse is holding its first Everyman Connects event on April 30 – a free day of art, food and conversation about cultural diversity.

The day will centre on a panel discussion asking the question, “how can our cultural spaces be more, and do more, for us?”

Guests will include Kim Johnson MP, activist Chantelle Lunt, artist Paislie Reid, artistic director of 20 Stories High Keith Saha, and writer Naomi Sumner Chan. Dominique Walker of the Anthony Walker Foundation will be host.

The event will also have performances from performer and writer Felix Mufti, neo-jazz singer-songwriter Ni Maxine and DJ Hannah Lynch, with an open-mic jam led by theatre company 20 Stories High.

Everyman Connects continues the theatre's commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion, created as part of a two-year "truth and reconciliation" process with 20 Stories High and other artists and freelancers of colour in Liverpool, supported by Kim Johnson MP. The twin theatres have undertaken actions to bring about change, including the formation of a diversity action group.

Group member Brodie Arthur explained: “If we are to drive change, we need to learn from those with experience of racism. Changing attitudes and established working practices doesn't happen overnight, but the first step is to acknowledge that change must happen. Everyman Connects will be an important step in the journey.”

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