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Jack's Cruise to Manchester

ACTOR Jack Holden in his play Cruise
Jack Holden in Cruise

Olivier-nominated best new play Cruise will get its regional premiere at HOME Manchester from July 20-August 12.

Written and performed by Jack Holden and directed by Bronagh Lagan, the play is set in 1980s Soho and was the first new play to premiere in the West End when theatres reopened in May 2021. Holden (War Horse’, National Theatre) and his co-star John Patrick Elliott, who mixes and performs an original electronic soundtrack during the show, won critical acclaim and an Olivier award nomination for best new play and a feature film of the show is currently in development. The play, which brings 1980s Soho to life in a musical celebration of queer culture, is based on a story related to the writer when he volunteered for an LGBTQ+ advice line. In February, 1988, Cruise is the story of what should have been Michael Spencer’s last night. Diagnosed with HIV in 1984, he is told he might live for four years at most. He and his partner Dave sell their house and car, spend everything they have and party like it’s the last days of Rome. When Dave dies two years later, Michael doubles down on his hedonistic ways. On the last night of his four-year countdown - February 29, 1988 - Michael decides to go out with a bang and visits all his old haunts to say goodbye to friend and foe alike.

But Michael survives (and goes on to live to a ripe old age). What kind of life can he now live?

More info and tickets here


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