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Historic theatre dealt killer blow

Epstein Theatre, Liverpool
Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

One of Liverpool’s historic theatres is to close with the loss of 14 jobs.

The Epstein Theatre has suffered continuing financial problems and its operating company is now in the process of being wound up by administrators.

The theatre dates from 1913 and has had a chequered past – including closure in 2005 and reopening in 2011 as the Epstein (after one-time employee Brian Epstein of Beatles fame). A major blow came in 2017 when an employee stole over a quarter of a million pounds, forcing the theatre into administration.

The Epstein’s new closure is due to the ongoing global pandemic. The site has been returned to Liverpool City Council, but there are hopes of a revival next year when things have returned more closely to normal.

Fourteen staff members have lost their jobs, but the city council, which is currently carrying out essential repairs, is believed to be talking to potential partners in the hope of securing operations when the time comes, hopefully after rehiring some of the previous staff.


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