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Home town return for Jeff Longmore

Oldham-based actor Jeff Longmore returns to his home-town Coliseum theatre – scene of many past triumphs - in Dare to Know Theatre’s new play The Forgotten (Coliseum Studio, May 13-14).

George, an early onset dementia sufferer, moves to a new care home where he tries to tell the story of his abuse by care staff. But, as an unreliable witness, what is the truth to his experiences?

Longmore first appeared at the Coliseum in 1978 as the theatre reopened as a public theatre (it was previously a private-members' theatre club). He stayed for four years and appeared in 27 plays, including Billy Liar, Bent, Fur Coat and No Knickers and One Night Stand, the last of which saw him enjoy his first London transfer. Jeff was the first person to play Frank-n-Furter in the Oldham UK regional premiere of The Rocky Horror Picture Show – a part he continued to play on many national tours. He was also an immensely popular Dame in the Coliseum pantomime for six years.

Now taking a more dramatic turn in The Forgotten, he says: “It’s been a challenge to play George; he’s a very complex character with so many levels of emotion. Trying to get into the mind of a 64-year-old man with dementia has been both physically and emotionally challenging, but very rewarding. It's been a great experience.”

Dare to Know Theatre, consisting of writer Jake Talbot and director Miranda Parker, specialises in telling local stories for the local community, and is supported by the Coliseum as an associate artist.

More info and tickets here


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