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Insect of nightmares

Frantic Assembly’s new adaptation of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis – a collaboration between internationally-celebrated poet, playwright and broadcaster Lemn Sissay OBE and Frantic Assembly’s artistic director Scott Graham - is to tour this autumn.

The new production will premiere at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth, in mid-September before an extensive tour taking in York Theatre Royal (October 10-14), Liverpool Playhouse (October 17-21) and The Lowry, Salford (November 14-18)

Metamorphosis is adapted by Lemn Sissay and Scott Graham, and will be directed by Scott, who is Frantic Assembly's artistic director.

Kafka’s book is a powerful depiction of people struggling within a system that crushes them under its heel. Gregor Samsa finds himself transformed from bread-winner to burden in the absurdist, tragic story of a man transformed overnight and without explanation into a monstrous insect.

Frantic Assembly is renowned for its use of physicality and movement, and Metamorphosis will be an inherently visceral production about the limitations of body and mind.

Info and ticket links to venues here


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