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Jungle adventures with Tarzanna

Beset by monkeys: a scene from Tarzanna
Beset by monkeys: a scene from Tarzanna

According to a study in the American journal Science, by the time they are six, many girls already think they are less capable than boys. Reacting to that, theatre company The Gramophones created a story of an alternative female role model: she's the hero, in charge of her own destiny.

So it’s girl power to the fore in Tarzanna – a aerial jungle adventure for families – which aims to encourage girls to think beyond the entertainment stereotype of helpless females being rescued from their high towers by dashing princes.

Created by physical theatre company The Gramophones, the show takes audiences (aged three and up) on a journey into a different world using aerial storytelling, original music, interactive fun, puppetry and acrobatics.

On tour throughout October, Tarzanna’s dates include The Dukes, Lancaster (October 23); The Lowry, Salford (October 24) and Carriageworks, Leeds (October 30).

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