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Killer chicken

Poster for new play Chicken Shit

Chicken Sh!t, a new comedy about "grief, sisterhood and a giant genetically modified killer chicken", premieres at the Anthony Burgess Foundation in Cambridge Street, Manchester on July 29.

An old family farm in a small rural village; a dangerous animal on the loose; a teenager, dying of a

brain tumour, plots her last petty revenge. But most importantly, Brynn and Brenda are holding a

ceremony to renew their marriage vows after 42 years and it's going to be lovely - or not...

Manchester-based The College of Deviants (previously known as Dapertutto) champions artists and creatives developing their own work and has been developing Chicken Sh!t for two years. It's the first play by aspiring writer Isobelle Whinnett and is described as a "viciously dark comedy that manages to be outrageously funny, an extraordinary study of grief, sisterhood and how far two women would go to save their sister".

The College of Deviants has hosted scratch nights of new work at the Kings Arms, Salford over the past two years, showcasing new writing, comedy sketches, live music, stand-up comedy acts and short films.

Co-director and comedian Cameron Jones said: “We wanted a free project that would act as a space for actors to create their own work. At our previous shows the audience couldn’t have been more supportive; the potential was clear to see.”

The company received funding from Arts Council England to tour previous show, Lionman. Co-director Tom Hardman has appeared in shows at the Royal Exchange, Oldham Coliseum and the New Vic Theatre as well as in BBC Dramas, TV soaps and adverts.

More info and tickets here


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