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Leeds gets Northern Ballet's world premiere

Minju Kang in Ma Vie. Pic by George Liang
Minju Kang in Dickson Mbi's "Ma Vie". Pic by George Liang

Leeds-based Northern Ballet launches its autumn season with the world premiere of three exhilarating new dance pieces, and Leeds audiences get to see them first.

Made in Leeds: Three Short Ballets is at Leeds Playhouse from September 10-17 and the three new works are from award-winning choreographers Mthuthuzeli November, Stina Quagebeur and Dickson Mbi. The show later moves to London’s Linbury Theatre in November.

Olivier award-winning Mthuthuzeli November’s Wailers is a work that "gives thanks to life; to its struggles, beauty and its people, those with us and no longer with us. It is a prayer for guidance."

Stina Quagebeur, associate choreographer with English National Ballet, will present Nostalgia, an exploration of that "familiar state of longing, poignancy and piercing joy, the quiet force that transforms our pain and connects us together".

Following the release of a short film of the same title, world-renowned hip-hop dancer and choreographer Dickson Mbi reimagines his Ma Vie on stage, exploring Giacomo Casanova's thirst for love, his complex relationship with the church and his eventual downfall.

Northern Ballet’s recently-appointed artistic director, Federico Bonelli, said: “It's my passion to work with a wide range of creative talent and to allow our dancers to expand their horizons. Dickson Mbi, Stina Quagebeur and Mthuthuzeli November are all exceptionally talented choreographers with unique voices and perspectives, which bring a wonderful quality to this programme."

More information and tickets here


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