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Liverpool March for the Arts protest

Arts workers will join a protest march in Liverpool city centre tomorrow to raise awareness of the devastating impact lockdown has had on the Industry across the region.

The march, from noon, was originally postponed when the £1.57bn aid package was announced, but three months later the money hasn’t been delivered, furlough is ending, the job support scheme is ending, organisations remain closed and Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently described the industry as “unviable”.

The peaceful march will begin at the steps of the Metropolitan Cathedral and move through the city centre to a rally with speakers at St George's Hall. Speakers will include the outgoing artistic director of Everyman Playhouse, Gemma Bodinetz, and union representative Adam Flanders of BECTU.

This weekend was chosen to build on a week of protests around the country.

March For The Arts has been organised collectively by three people working in the industry, Liz Barker, Becky Webb and Gemma Dunne, who are dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of the arts and championing those who work in arts industries.

The organisers said “We believe the time is now to march and rally. Without further financial support our industry cannot afford to operate with social distancing in place. Until social distancing is no longer required, we must have financial support that reflects our economic value of £111.7 billion a year.”

The march will take place with full social distancing measures and all are invited to register and attend.

More information here and here


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