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Picking Blue Balloon's latest

Amelia Slater in Picking
Amelia Slater in Picking

Female led Manchester based non-profit company Blue Balloon Theatre acts as a platform for actors and creatives to develop and showcase their own original work. Their latest project is Amelia Slater’s one-woman play Picking, premering as part of this year's Greater Manchester Fringe Festival, with three performances at Gullivers Lounge in the city centre's Northern Quarter, from July 28-30.

From vagina charts to giant gnats taking over the world, Catherine talks to the audience about her spiralling thought patterns. In a desperate bid to escape her inner self she ditches her dingy Manchester flat to grapple with the idea of dating women while also chasing a desperate need for validation from men, the audience, and most importantly herself.

Directed by the multi-award-winning performer and director Selina Helliwell, Blue Balloon benefits from the creative talents of co-founders Rebecca Phythian and Jas Nisic. Rebecca, an actor, singer, and poet, established the company in 2016 and actor and producer Jas joined her to co-run the company.

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