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Slave ship story

The Meaning of Zong is the true story of a ship that set sail from Liverpool and went on to change the world. It’s at Liverpool Playhouse for its only north-west dates from May 10-14.

Two hundred years ago, Olaudah Equiano read the harrowing reports of a massacre aboard the slave ship Zong, when 132 Africans were thrown overboard. Joining forces with anti-slavery campaigner Granville Sharp to publicly condemn these actions, he helped set in motion events which led to the abolition movement in the UK.

Based on this, the new play – commissioned by Bristol Old Vic and the National Theatre – was written by actor-writer Giles Terera, who won the 2018 Olivier award for best actor in a musical for his performance in the British production of Hamilton.

He said: “The play deals with a difficult part of our history, but it’s about positive change and how that positive change comes about.”

Alongside the production, there will be a walking tour and performance exploring Liverpool’s links to the abolitionist Frederick Douglass and the slave ship Zong.

Info and tickets here

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