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The business of seeking love

A scene from The Business of Love
A scene from The Business of Love

After successful shows at Edinburgh Fringe Festival ’22 and ’23, stints in various London fringe theatres and making her way through stand-up comedy circuits, Amy Nic returns to her hometown Warrington to head her female-led comedy The Business of Love, at Pyramid Arts Centre (July 23) and The Village Hotel (July 28) as part of the Warrington Arts Festival.

For women, dating often feels out of one's hands. For Kelly, it's definitely in her hands: she’s the manager at The Business of Love, where the company’s mission is lifelong happiness. Her employees plan dates, pick outfits and seek out suitors and in the weeks before her 30th birthday, she's given an ultimatum: either she finds a boyfriend, or they all lose their jobs...

Likened to Smack The Pony and The IT Crowd, the play is about female friendship, support, sisterhood and the pressure that’s mounted on modern day women in a patriarchal society. The cast includes Lauren Wilson, Lucy Simons, Nicole Evans and Molly Rose King.

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