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The House with Chicken Legs

Ground-breaking theatre company Les Enfants Terrible premiere their new adaptation of award-winning writer Sophie Anderson’s adventure story for children, The House with Chicken Legs at HOME Manchester (March 29-April 23).

The company is known for its striking visuals and innovative use of props, puppetry and live music, but this is its first new stage show in a decade.

Taking in themes such as grief, growing up and fitting in, the production aims to appeal to both young theatre goers (nine and over) and adults alike.

Marinka dreams of a normal life, somewhere she can stay long enough to make friends. But there’s a big problem: her house has chicken legs and can move on without warning, for her grandmother is Baba Yaga (of Russian folklore), who guides spirits from this world to the next.

Anderson says: "Les Enfants Terrible have the perfect aesthetic to bring Marinka's story to life and are planning incredible music, puppetry, projection and stage design. The show is going to be utterly magical!"

More information and tickets here


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