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The truth about Joe Orton's last night?

Grin Theatre - Liverpool’s longest-running LGBTQIA fringe theatre company - has announced a production of Orton: Fallen Angel for the city’s newly-reopened Epstein Theatre from January 20-22.

By local writer Wes Williams, the drama reimagines the turbulent relationship between 1960s bad boy playwright Joe Orton and his partner, Kenneth Halliwell, based on true events, their lives together and what eventually tore them apart.

The play looks at Joe’s version of events, then at Kenneth’s – and maybe the truth of what really happened on their fateful final night together could become clearer. Or possibly more clouded...

The show is 18+ only for its very strong language, sexual scenes, nudity, moderate violence and references to suicide and mental health.

Below you can watch cast members discuss their roles, the play and the impact Orton might have on today’s society.

Established in 2009, Grin has recently performed at the inaugural Little Liverpool Theatre Festival at St Luke's Bombed Out Church in Liverpool and is the team behind the successful Queertet, a yearly LGBTQIA theatre performance to coincide with the start of Liverpool Pride.


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