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What He Said She Said

Four plays from north west writers exploring male mental health are at The Theatre at the Casa in Hope Street, Liverpool on November 19, to mark International Men's Day.

From Liverpool-based Pique Niche Productions, What He Said explores the male perspective on severe illnesses and the death of loved ones, custody issues and the sense of belonging, or not, following the end of romantic relationships.

This edition of the show, which is raising money to support Prostate Cancer UK, will also feature a preview of What She Said, a companion show from the female perspective. Pique Niche is open for submissions of scripts to be considered for this.

Company artistic director Donna M Day explained: “International Men’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on male health, both physical and mental, and I believe these plays give people an opportunity to consider how gender and expectations of it have an impact on society.

"The piece being previewed for What She Said also features some exploration of how male health can affect the women in their lives."


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