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Farewell Theatre waves goodbye to the pub

Ross Thompson and Reece Hallam (r) in Death of the English Pub
Ross Thompson and Reece Hallam (r) in Death of the English Pub

Emerging playwright Reece Hallam and Manchester-based Farewell Theatre Company are at performance pub The Talleyrand in Levenshulme, Manchester (August 17), for a one-off performance of Reece's play The Death Of The English Pub, a love letter to the great English institution in its currently threatened state.

Hallam is joined by Ross Thompson and Ward J Harries in a show that journeys through the history of one of England's most loved institutions showing the rebirth, demise and clouded current world of pub culture.

It’s closing time and three friends are having one final drink in their local before it closes for good. As the night draws to an end, they talk about the good times, the bad times – and just why so many pubs in England are suffering the same fate.

Hallam said: “Growing up, my dad always used to take me to the pub on match days and I have some great memories of going there and seeing everyone we knew. Sadly that pub closed down and not long after a lot of others followed.

"It made me think that if this trend continues, soon there won’t be any left. So this play is my love letter to pubs, I wanted to tell people about the history of these beloved buildings, and to get the community behind supporting their local, wherever that may be.”

The Tallyrand performance is an appropriately relaxed and immersive one, with audience members encouraged to get drinks throughout.

More info and tickets here


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