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Frankenstein meets Warhorse

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Blackeyed Theatre’s acclaimed 2016 production of Frankenstein is coming to Scarborough’s Stephen Joseph Theatre (February 9-12) and the Viaduct Theatre in Halifax (March 10-12) as part of a national tour.

Blackeyed’s highly theatrical staging of Shelley’s gothic masterpiece uses puppets designed and built by Yvonne Stone (of Warhorse and His Dark Materials fame) to portray the "creature". The 6’ 4” puppet, operated by up to three actors, adds a new dimension to the retelling of the classic story.

Billy Irving (War Horse) is chief puppeteer while Frankenstein is played by Robert Bradley (Hedda Gabler, National Theatre). Max Gallagher (War Horse, National Theatre, Richard III, Northern Broadsides) returns to reprise the role of Henry Clerval.

Frankenstein was adapted by Nick Lane, associate director and literary manager at Hull Truck from 2006-2014, and the original music is by Ron McAllister.

Director Eliot Giuralarocca says: “We bring our creature to life theatrically, animating, manipulating and breathing life into the puppet right in front of the audience, and in doing so I hope we present a lovely theatrical metaphor for the act of creation in the story itself.”

Based in Bracknell, Herts, Blackeyed Theatre is one of the UK’s leading mid-scale touring theatre companies and specialises in creating new versions of established classics in unique ways.

Of its eight UK tours since 2014, five have been world premieres, and recent commissions include The Great Gatsby and Sherlock Holmes: The Sign Of Four – the latter even touring in China.

Tickets and info here


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