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Playing with time and space in Scarborough

Emilio Ianucci and Carla Harrison-Hodge in Constellations
Emilio Ianucci and Carla Harrison-Hodge: Constellations at the SJT

Carla Harrison-Hodge and Emilio Iannucci take to Scarborough's Stephen Joseph Theatre in-the-round stage in Nick Payne’s award-winning romantic drama, Constellations (October 28-November 12).

Emilio's screen credits include Death of Stalin, Channel 4’s Traitors and web series Gloss. Recent theatre includes Around the World in 80 Days, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. He is a co-founder of the physical theatre collective Vantage Point (and yes, he is Armando Iannucci's son, in case you couldn't tell from his picture...).

Carla's credits include Year of the Rabbit and Fresh Meat (Channel 4) and I Want My Wife Back (BBC), as well as theatre credits Cyrano de Bergerac and Amadeus (National Theatre) and The Fruit Trilogy (Leeds Playhouse).

When beekeeper Roland meets scientist Marianne, anything could happen. Romantic and revealing, the play explores the many possibilities that can result from a single meeting. It's a wonderfully complex play that nonetheless seems very simple and magical. It won the Evening Standard Best New Play award in 2012 – Payne being the youngest-ever recipient. The production was also nominated for several Oliviers, including for SJT asssociate artist Simon Slater’s score, which will be used in the SJT production.

Director Paul Robinson says: “Constellations plays with time and space in the most brilliant way – deeply human, deeply moving, it’s a play that genuinely tilts the world for you. I challenge anyone not to leave the theatre just a bit more aware of what a fragile and remarkable thing life is…”


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