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Hello again to Farewell Theatre Co

Manchester-based Farewell Theatre Company has announced its first post-pandemic comeback production.

Me & Thee, by University of Salford graduate James Ward, is at The Empty Space (formerly Footlights House) in Salford on April 8-9.

Ross Thompson and Reece Hallam in Me & Thee
Ross Thompson and Reece Hallam in Me & Thee

It tells the true story of a sinister and vicious argument that holds a mirror to the watching audience. Over the course of one drunken evening that starts with dancing and raucous laughter, two friends take an uncomfortable trip down memory lane, which pushes them to question if they were ever friends at all.

Ward said: “We all have that one friend who, if you met them today as the person you are now, would not be someone you’d even associate with, let alone call your closest friend. I think it’s important to explore that, to figure out what a healthy relationship really looks like in hindsight.”

The three-man company is returning to The Empty Space to build on the success of its last play, Boots ‘n’ Braces which was part of the 2019 Greater Manchester Fringe Festival and earned a nomination for Best Newcomer.


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